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Jebbel Arce is a professional dancer/actress originally from Los Angeles. 

She has been a make up artist for over eight years and has worked with brands such as, Loreal, Cosbar, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown.

Jebbel has had the privilege to work along side some amazing photographers in LA and NY who specialize in headshots, portraits and commercial/lifestyle images. This is where she began her love for photography.

From her many years working in the industry, she has acquired a vast and detailed knowledge in the field of photography.  She has specifically developed an eye for what people want to see in photos and how to guide and direct clients during a session. Additionally, her background and training in make-up and movement truly make her the ideal full package. She has a love for faces, personalities, and strives to bring out the best version of you. Her goal is always to be able to capture this on camera.

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